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We have seen huge growth this year have you?

For dealers that are "in the spa business" it would be a huge mistake to not take a serious look at the Coast Spa line up if it is available in your market. No other hot tub out there can generate marketing buzz, customer excitement, sales and profit margin like a Coast Spa.

Coast has always been the leader in innovation in the industry. The spa business is made up of imitators and there are very few differences between manufacturers lines other than layout and jet count. Your selling an 8' White Pearl spa with 40-60 jets and 2 -3 pumps. It may be an entry level or it may be a higher line but the problem is that most customers have a hard time distinguishing between the two since in their eyes they look the same.

Sell Coast Spas Hot Tubs | Why Coast Spas?
Sell Coast Spas Hot Tubs | Why Coast Spas?

"Why is this spa $10,000 when the guys down the street are selling basically the same thing for $5,995"

Same pumps, same Balboa or Gecko pack, same acrylic, same Waterway or Rising Dragon jets, same filtration....OR ARE THEY? The market is so diluted with generic product that makes it hard to sell volume and make good margin as a dealer.

The solution is pretty simple, sell innovative products that are exciting, different, with exclusive patented features that can not be cross shopped anywhere.

Sell a product line that has look of no other, the functionality of no other, the quality level of no other.

Do yourself a favor and compare what you have to sell against these features, then click on the link below to the Coast Spas YouTube channel and just take a quick look at 2 or 3 of the video links and see for yourself why you should seriously consider bringing in Coast Spas.

More sales and higher margins on those sales make being in the spa retail business a lot more fun and enjoyable.

Sell Coast Spas Hot Tubs | Why Coast Spas?
Sell Coast Spas Hot Tubs | Why Coast Spas?

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